We get to be all of who we are, and discover ways of expressing it that work for us. ~ Christian de la Huerta

As an immigrant from Cuba, I lived the first ten years of my life in a totalitarian regime in which expressing yourself could mean imprisonment—and often worse. I was keenly aware of my parents’ friends who were political prisoners, even visiting some in that setting. Fear, danger, and secrecy were always prevalent, just under the surface. In every block there was a Defense Committee household keeping an eye on everyone’s comings and goings.

It is hard to convey to my fellow Americans what a gift and a blessing it is to live in a country in which so many liberties are constitutionally guaranteed. Hard because—until recently—we have taken them for granted. Clearly primary due to its order is the first amendment, guaranteeing freedom of speech and expression.

So that’s the legal part of it. Perhaps a deeper way of looking is the internal limitations we place on ourselves due to familial, religious, and societal expectations. As a gay man raised in a religion that told me I was sinful and an abomination in the eyes of God—at the same time I held a deep desire to serve spiritually—it was an existential necessity to reconcile my sexuality and spirituality.

I am now grateful for the pain experienced early in my life because, as a result, I attained profound levels of personal freedom. Self-expression at the deepest levels is what I wish for all humans. We get to be /all/ of who we are, and discover ways of expressing it that work for us. We retain choice as to how much of ourselves we reveal at any given time but get to be ourselves /wherever/ we are.

That’s freedom.

Get to know Christian de la Huerta

For the past 30 years, Christian has been an author and personal transformation coach.  Supporting people to have a sense of personal empowerment, lives filled with meaning and purpose, and the kind of relationships they long for. Christian was recently humbled to have received an endorsement for his new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, from none other than music icon Gloria Estefan.

“It is a rare occurrence indeed when a book not only delivers on its message but also gives you practical, straightforward, and incredibly wise ways in which to apply the teachings put forth in Awakening the Soul of Power. I found it to be an introspective work that is a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions and truly look forward to the rest of Christian de la Huerta’s amazing Calling All Heroes series. It inspired me to purchase his previous book, Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step.” ~ Gloria Estefan

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