Trying for Baby? Drop that Lube!

Pick the right lube when trying for baby: BabyDanceTM Fertility Lubricant

Trying to conceive sometimes requires quite a lot of lovemaking. When the path to pregnancy requires a whole lot of sex, lubes come in handy in making the experience as pleasurable as possible – even when timing intercourse can become somewhat of a chore.

Nonetheless, not all lubes were created equal, and some of them might actually be the reason why conception is proving difficult.

Is my lube preventing pregnancy?

Lubricants can be harmful to sperm. Whilst great for non-pregnancy oriented lovemaking, the majority of everyday lubricants have a low pH and very high salt concentrations. Sperm that come into contact with such lubricants are immobilized and unable to penetrate through, leaving the lubricant with no sperm cells.

What kind of lube should I use to conceive?

Fertility lubricants have been specifically researched to ensure that they do not harm sperm or eggs. When trying to conceive, look out for lubricants with a pH of about 7, and ones that imitate the consistency of cervical secretions. This will help sperm to swim through the cervix and meet the egg for conception.

BabyDance Fertility Lubricant: Your solution to great baby-making

BabyDance is an isotonic Fertility Lubricant made without parabens and cleared by the FDA, specifically designed for couples trying to conceive. BabyDance is made up of a water-based, non-irritating formula with botanical extracts which supports optimal vaginal health. BabyDance supplements natural lubricating fluids, and enhances the comfort of intimacy without interfering with critical sperm parameters.

What are the benefits of BabyDance Fertility Lubricant?

Apart from supporting optimal vaginal health, BabyDance includes a unique myDose Applicator that allows you to choose the amount you wish to use. BabyDance can also be used in a medical setting to lubricate diagnostic and therapeutic devices during IVF and other interventions. BabyDance supports critical sperm parameters and has been specifically designed for couples trying to conceive.

Sperm Safe Lubricant: How does BabyDance Fertility Lubricant support sperm parameters?

BabyDance Fertility Lubricant does not interfere with important sperm parameters. This includes sperm motility, DNA quality, sperm ability to penetrate into cervical mucus, and ability to fertilize and support embryo development. BabyDance offers an environment where human sperm in semen are readily able to swim and quickly penetrate the gel in high numbers.

When should I use Fertility Lubricant?

BabyDance should be used in your fertile window to best maximize chances of conception. Each box comes with 6 single use tubes, and 6 single use applicators.

How do I use BabyDance Fertility Lubricant

It is recommended that BabyDance is applied via the single use applicators available in the package as this lubricant mimics the quality and consistency of cervical fluids which help carry the sperm to the egg. The BabyDance that is left can be used on external areas.

BabyDance’s unique myDose application lets you use the amount of lubricant you desire. Choose one single use tube and snap and twist on an applicator to the tube. Squeeze the tube to fill the applicator to the 3-gram fill line. If this is too much for you, wipe the vulvar area with a clean cloth and continue your love-making. The next time you use BabyDance, put into the applicator only the amount you need for supplemental lubrication.

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