Some people start businesses because it aligns with their identity.

Identity: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

To be and to become, “I think therefore, I am.” René Descartes.

Who I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. Would my life’s work make me proud? Either creating an identity to be proud of or simply because they were born that way, identity has quite an impact on people’s journey into entrepreneurship.

Why did you start a business? “Because, I’m an entrepreneur, that’s what I do.” Sometimes the answer truly is a simple one, some people genuinely start businesses because they see themselves that way. Furthermore, some people like Tilman Fertitta, Gary Vaynerchuck and many others are often quoted as saying that it was the one thing they were naturally good at.

“I did not have artistic talent. I did not have musical talent, but I understood business and numbers. I was born with entrepreneurial DNA.” Tilman Fertitta

“So little thought is given to that fact that just like the top athletes in the world, entrepreneurs who build successful businesses come from a certain breed. They have an entrepreneurial DNA that allowed them to hone in on their business skills in the first place,” – Gary Vaynerchuck

We found 15 reasons why people start businesses.

For a look at the 15 reasons as well as the personality traits that are most commonly found in entrepreneurs please visit the full study here: Why people start businesses.

What identity-driven entrepreneurs had to say about starting businesses.

I started Red Beard Sailing because I wanted to do something with my life.
I wanted to make something I could be proud of. I had no idea that it would be this much work, but I can look back & be proud of my accomplishments. Also, to make money!

Alex Caslow, Red Beard Sailing

I wanted to start my business because I wanted to challenge myself to be successful on my own. Success is much easier to achieve when you don’t have to start from scratch. I knew if I were to achieve my goal, I would have something to be proud of.

Jason Power, The Hearing Clinic

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