People start businesses due to nurture. (Mentors, Parents, Influencers, etc)

Nurture: care for and encourage the growth or development of (entrepreneurial spirit). We chose the word nurture to group entrepreneurs that started businesses because they were influenced by others in some way.

Parents were one of the most common reasons why people were more likely to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They say we are what we eat and it is also clear that our thinking is a product of what we feed our mind. TV shows like Shark Tank, friends, mentors and coaches all play a role in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit which often results in starting a business.

We found 15 reasons why people start businesses.

For a look at the 15 reasons as well as the personality traits that are most commonly found in entrepreneurs please visit the full study here: Why people start businesses.

Featured in the video above, Nicole Middendorf – Properwell, Brown Charite – Destiny & Light Hair & Makeup Group, Sean Pour – Sellmax, Novelette Witt – Morgenre Real Estate, Mark Aseslstine – Uncorked Ventures.

What entrepreneurs had to say about why they started their business.

“I had no choice. And its cultural, after seeing how workers were treated in my birth country, Jamaica, and being raised by my grandparents who owned their own grocery shop. I felt it was necessary to honor my ancestors and to feed my soul.”

Novelette Witt, Morgen Real EstateĀ®, Inc.

Ok, so what drives me? I grew up with my dad, my mom was a middle school math teacher, my dad owned a dairy queen. I think I always kind of knew I wanted to do something for myself. Just based on the fact, that quite honestly he was around. So if I wanted to go throw the baseball around at three-thirty in the afternoon, he was there.

Mark Aselstine, Uncorked Ventures

My inspiration was reading about someone who started a wedding favors business from her basement. She invested only a couple of hundred dollars in products and a website and ended up with a multi-million dollar company. This story inspired me to start my own business because I saw that given the right products and strategy, anyone (even the average person) can build a successful business even without a lot of start-up capital.

Kim Hawkins, Events Wholesale

Note: Nurture comes in many forms, in this case, Kim was influenced by someone sharing their entrepreneurial journey. Kim was also driven by Autonomy, wanting to be able to have a more flexible schedule.

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