This Mom of Triplets Redefined Setbacks in Her Business Journey

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Best of both worlds: How a mom of triplets actively focused on parenting and building her business.

Supna Shah was the Director of HR and Talent Acquisition for a large corporation before welcoming triplets. Two years into motherhood, Supna embarked on an entrepreneurial journey promoting her passion for active lifestyles whilst also being there for other parents-to-be and parents. In her journey, Supna learned that there’s no such thing as setbacks. This is how she’s achieving her dream, one goal at a time.

Charles: Welcome to Dreaming of Baby, and thank you for letting us be with you on your journey to parenthood! We have with us today Supna Shah from Tampa, Florida, a parentpreneur who is kindly willing to share her journey with you! Supna, would you be so kind as to tell our readers a little about you and your journey into entrepreneurship?

Supna Shah: It’s my pleasure, thanks for having me. My entrepreneurial journey ironically started two years AFTER having triplets. It’s probably not the ideal time to start a business, but I was really driven to share what I learned about parenting with those around me.

Charles: So tell us a little about the business what you guys at WeGo-Kids do?

Supna Shah: I was really passionate about teaching my triplets how to live an active lifestyle from a really early age. With childhood obesity rates on the rise and diabetes and other illnesses, I was determined to teach them how to be healthy and make healthy choices. So we started with an activewear clothing line with our own animal characters. It’s 100% organic cotton and fits newborns up to age 6. The clothing is easy to wear and easy to move in and comes with a really positive and active message. Since then, we’ve grown considerably.

Supna Shah: As I talked to parents about the clothing, I found myself telling them that it’s really about the parenting style and message behind the clothing. As a result, we’re launching the first ever parenting web TV show where we have a panel of 3 moms and 2 dads talking about everyday parenting topics like “What do I do if my child won’t eat dinner” to “Bottlefeeding or breastfeeding- what are my options?”

Finding the drive to succeed

Charles: Wow! Web TV, that’s going to be fun and challenging, where does the drive to succeed come from?

Supna Shah: I am driven by a purpose to help parents. One of the most important jobs we do in this world is as a parent. And it’s the one job that doesn’t have any learning or continuing education for it – have a baby and you’ll figure it out. That doesn’t work for many parents and it definitely didn’t work for having triplets. I kept looking for a manual. I was really lucky to have a great support system. But I found tips and techniques that I could use, made parenting easier and more fulfilling for me – that’s what I want to share with other parents-to-be.

Charles: So, as in all things, we look at the end result and the beginning. Tell me about the beginning: what did it take to get your business off the ground and juggle parenting triplets?

Supna Shah: In the beginning, I had to really be patient. I was still learning to be a parent and I was learning to “birth” a business. I had to set simple achievable daily goals for myself, and I had to celebrate even the tiniest steps. I go into every day with 2 simple goals. 1. Be present with my children when I’m with them 2. Do one thing to move my business forward – sometimes it’s an ant step like a social media post, sometimes it’s an elephant step. But I make sure I achieve and celebrate both every day.

Supna Shah: “I had to set simple achievable daily goals for myself, and I had to celebrate even the tiniest steps.”

Dealing with setbacks

Charles: That is great advice! Let’s talk a little about setbacks, have you had any?

Supna Shah: Of course, we all have setbacks, with kids and with work. At first, it was really hard to have a setback because it meant more work. After a few times, I learned to look at it in a different way. A “no” just means not this way. To me, it’s the universe’s way of saving me time in the long run and making sure I’m going down the right path that will fulfill my ultimate potential, not just what I think is the right path in this moment. So, no setbacks anymore. Take the information, stick to my daily goals and move forward.

Supna Shah: “I learned to look at [setbacks] in a different way. A “no” just means not this way. To me, it’s the universe’s way of saving me time in the long run and making sure I’m going down the right path that will fulfill my ultimate potential, not just what I think is the right path in this moment.”

Charles: Catherine Zeta-Jones was interviewed by Daymond John for his new book coming out in January, Rise & Grind of which we are official ambassadors. What do you think about this quote she gave:

Supna Shah: I agree with the quote. Without the bad, we won’t appreciate the good. Without the hits, we won’t appreciate the wins. And without the hits, we may never get to the win.

Charles: I have another one for you from Catherine Zeta-Jones. What would say your IT is and how important has preparation been in growing your business?

Supna Shah: Oh, I like this quote! My IT is execution. If I give all the pieces I have to someone else, the business will come out differently. The way I choose to serve parents and share the passion I have for parenting is what makes me, WeGo kids and our new show, really unique. Preparation has been important in growing my business but what I have valued even more are the people on my journey who have helped teach me what I need to know when I know it. One of the most important keys to a successful entrepreneurial journey is mentors. Having a coaching team, a cheering team, and a consoling team is key.

Finding mentors

Charles: How did you go about finding mentors? Why did they agree to mentor you?

Supna Shah: I joined an amazing local networking group that focused on people, growth, and authentically helping and lifting each other up. I think my mentors agree to mentor me because they see in me a passion for my purpose to help parents grow in their parenting, along with a need in our society to have people advocating for parents, to stop parent shaming, and to remind parents that they are not alone. And, it always helps when I pull out a cute picture of my triplets… you may be able to say no to me, but not to them!

Charles: So leverage it is then! Talking about leverage, how can parents-to-be leverage relationships to get their business off the ground? How important is networking and being humble enough to ask for help?
Supna Shah: Authentic networking is everything. If you’re in it just to have people buy your product or service, a good networking group won’t sustain you for long. It has to be a two- way street. If you’re in it to follow your passion and purpose and help others as much as asking for help, that’s where success comes. Really recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses and asking others to help you improve your skill set not just buy your product allows others to recognize that you’re in it for the long haul, it’s a serious business and you will be successful. It gets them to “buy in” to you, not just your business.

Supna Shah: “Authentic networking is everything. If you’re in it just to have people buy your product or service, a good networking group won’t sustain you for long. It has to be a two- way street.”

Charles: You mention personal growth, what advice do you give to parents-to-be considering taking the entrepreneurial journey? What are some of the areas you would recommend they focus on before taking the plunge? What would better prepare them? What would you have learned earlier if you could go back to the start?

Supna Shah: First, I would recommend making sure it’s something you are really passionate about – it’s the passion that will get you through the down times. Second, recognize your weakness and add tools that will help you. For example, if you struggle with time management, get some tools to help; outsource as much as you can in order to make your time most effectively and spend time on things that cater to your strengths. If building a website is not a strength, use a boxed product like Squarespace or wix. If writing isn’t your strength, hire a copywriter. Third, say yes to everything and figure it out later. That’s been my motto since I started and has opened doors for me that I didn’t think would be on my path but that have really helped my business grow. Be patient, you won’t have a successful business for 24-36 months. If you just had a child, don’t miss out on the experience of having a newborn, sink into it, relish it, appreciate every second of sitting in a rocking chair smelling your baby’s hair – because it goes by too quickly. For parents-to-be or new parents, I would also say that there is a lot to learn about life from newborns. It will be an adjustment in the beginning but sinking into that role of being a parent is the most important thing you will do in your life!
Charles: That is extremely helpful, I’d like to ask you one final question if I may. In your entrepreneurial journey as a parent, what would you say has been the most rewarding thing and the most challenging thing?

Supna Shah: Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey, as can parenting be in the beginning. It’s important, in both instances, to really build up your network, your tribe, your support system so that you have the net to catch you when you need it! The most rewarding thing has been being able to give parents a new perspective on parenting. I focus on raising children with emotional intelligence and being a catalyst for parenting paradigm shifts so that we can all raise empathetic, caring leaders and leave the world better than we found it.

Charles: Thank you so much Supna, where can parents-to-be interested in learning more reach you?

Supna Shah: They can reach me at It’s been great chatting with you. Thanks so much for allowing me to share my passion.

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