Many people start businesses to create a legacy.

What will you leave behind? The highly acclaimed book The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey asks us to ponder our own funeral. The exercise achieves two things, it tells us how we wish to live our life and what we wish to leave behind, how we want to be remembered.

Some start a business to leave a legacy for their loved ones, especially their children. Others are driven by philanthropic desires and some are driven to have their names etched in history books. Whatever the legacy that they wish to leave is often starting a business is a great vehicle to achieve it.

The reality is, I’m driven by legacy. Every decision I make is predicated on the long term. It’s not about what’s in my bank account, it’s about how many people will attend my funeral. Gary Vaynerchuck, Vayner Media

We found 15 reasons why people start businesses.

For a look at the 15 reasons as well as the personality traits that are most commonly found in entrepreneurs please visit the full study here: Why people start businesses.

What legacy driven entrepreneurs had to say.

“I started my business to make a difference. To leave a legacy. To inspire my daughter that you can have it all. You can be an amazing wealth advisor and an amazing mom. To inspire people to be happy and to live life to the fullest.”
Nicole Middendorf, Prosperwell

‘I started my business because I saw a hole in the finance company and I
had a way to fill it. With my own idea I have managed to cater to the
finance market and make a success that will create a legacy.’
Ethan Taub, Goalry Inc

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