“Lack of freedom of speech creates a closed mind, built up anger, bigotry and self imposed doubt” ~ Halina

My Polish parents immigrated to the USA because of oppression imposed by Russian communism. Even after they arrived in America they were reluctant to express themselves on any theme. Fear occupies a mindset and is a strong realm to shake off!

As social beings, we all need to express joy and pain and seek support from others. Suppressing freedom of speech is imposing power over the individual. It is a method to establish ownership. A
boxed-in-mindset results in nurturing spoon-fed lies. Lack of freedom of speech creates a closed mind, built-up anger, bigotry, and self-imposed doubt because there’s nothing to compare a personal opinion with.

If a meter-reading is absent there’s no reason to grow and thrive. However, with every right there is responsibility. Abusing freedom of speech, such as slander, is just as destructive as lack of freedom of speech.

Get to know Helena

Helena is an advocate for ridding the world of harmful additives used in gardening; they cause considerable harm to the environment and humans! She writes about this subject often alongside a wide variety of gardening-related articles on her website Growing Garden Tips. She has signed at least a gazillion petitions and still the shelves are stocked with pesticides and weed killers that cause illness to humans along with devastating the environment.

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