“I think we should be able to discuss everything dear and important to us” Tina Nikolovska

For me, freedom of expression means the ability to express my beliefs, ideas, opinions, and emotions without being censored or shamed by society about it.

However, I don’t think freedom of expression equals the right to hate speech. Overall, I think we should be able to discuss everything dear and important to us, but without voicing our hate
towards certain groups of people.

I’m using my right to self-expression, especially when I’m called out to advocate for beliefs and problems I feel the most passionate about and that I think have the most influence on our life quality, such as abortion laws, the death penalty situation, or religion.

Get to know Tina Nikolovska

Tina is quite the explorer, Epicurious and adventurous, she likes to look for the perfect green curry spots, explore temples in Southeast Asia, and treat herself to cheesecake and matcha latte, in that order.

She is also the SEO manager at TeamStage; Tina also relies on her degree in Modern English & Literature to write about the importance of the project and team management in executing a successful strategy, top to bottom.

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