How to get your Clubhouse followers back

As some of you may know I’m an active user of the Clubhouse app and they recently made some pretty big changes to the app. Some people hate the changes, I’m actually personally very optimistic about their new direction. One major issue people are displeased with is the fact that they have lost their followers. So below is a quick guide on how to get them back.

Update: 3rd March 2024 – Per my research while you cannot see your full follower count on your profile (only able to see those you have a mutual follow relationship with), Clubhouse’s discovery algorithm will still show your content (& rooms) to those who follow you; in fact Clubhouse still recommends that people “follow” others. In short, no visible vanity metrics on personal profiles but there is still value in having people “follow” you.

Add your Clubhouse followers to a House

  1. Click on your profile picture.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Click Create a House
  4. Give your house a name (Possibly your name)
  5. Look well on this screen, there should be a “Select Everyone” click it!
  6. All your past followers are now Auto-Joined to your house.
  7. Although they are auto-joined they are not yet actually “joined” to your house, they need to visit!
  8. Your best bet is to host a few rooms in your new house.

Further steps to recover Clubhouse lost followers

  1. Your house now has a member list that is compromised of everyone who followed you in the past.
  2. Start going through the list and re-engage with people who paid you social currency in the past.
  3. Don’t try doing it all in one sitting, you can search by letter eg. “A” and reach out to people.
  4. Invite them to
    • Exchange contact information with you. (Email + Phone Number)
    • Offer them something of value, possibly link them to content on your website if you have one.
    • Invite them to engage with you on other social media platforms.

Using the new Clubhouse and some further notes about followers

The live side of Clubhouse still exists, and improvements will be made to finding live content on Clubhouse. Be patient and possibly take a small break until more updates are rolled out. Clubhouse now has two paths:

  1. The asynchronous side, a non-live side of Clubhouse that can be best described as Voice Threads, you start a conversation by creating a 60-second (or multiple) voice notes, others then respond with their own voice notes. No different than creating a post on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and people adding their comments to your post. (Except the “comment” is a voice comment.)
  2. The live side that many learned to love, this side is still alive and well. There are minor changes in terms of how you may go about aggregating an audience for a live room as individuals no longer have massive followings, instead the power is in the house and engaging with people.

Clubhouse live rooms are now all (unless set to private), available to listen to live outside the app, and can be accessed through a browser even by people that do not have the app. This is an extremely beneficial feature to you if you are a creator.

Searching on Clubhouse, people can now search for People, Houses, and Rooms, this adds another layer of discoverability for your “Replay Enabled” content. Keep this in mind and consider SEO best practices when titling your rooms.

The infamous Hallway, yes it is currently a mess, cluttered with a mix of asynchronous and live content that gets lost in the shuffle, the Founders have already indicated this will be improved in the near future, be patient.

I hope this post has been helpful, the best way to reach me is via my email: CJD@GTK.US I look forward to connecting with you.

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