How to build an empire.

If you are truly committed to building an empire, you can. My life has been dedicated, to studying success. I have researched people with small empires. I have also researched people with vast empires. Each new empire begins with a vision.

Have a vision.

A vision can change over time. Without a vision, it is unlikely you will build much at all. A vision is a possible future you can see in your mind. You can have a vision for your life, your business, and your empire! Without one, you will wander aimlessly. The clearer the vision, the likelier the success. Take the time to envision your empire.

Lay the foundation.

Once you have a vision, start with the first step. Your vision is your north star. Accept that the distance you must travel is far. Focus on the now. Focus all your energy and attention on today. Too many people dwell on the distance. A vision should not weigh you down; it should inspire you! Understand that as you grow so will your ability to deal with tomorrow’s challenges. You cannot fight next year’s battle today. Lay the foundation.


Many forget to do this. To have an empire, you must become an emperor. As your small city becomes a state; you dear mayor must become a governor. The game changes as your progress. You must adapt. Many are able to build a small business. To build an empire you must build enterprises. Without the resources to build an enterprise, you must build a small business. Focus on the now but grow into the future. Just remember to lay the foundation. Without the foundation, you cannot build your empire.

Never alone.

An Empire is vast, it is not a trivial thing. You will need to surround yourself with talented people. Remember that vision? You will need to share your vision. More than share, you will need to help others find their place within your vision. No empire can stand without a loyal army.

Vision, Foundation, Growth & People

These are the 4 pillars of an empire. Each Empire is unique but these 4 things are present in each. Without vision, you will wander aimlessly. Take the time to envision your future empire. Lay the foundation. Grow and surround yourself with people with whom you can build your empire.

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