Expressing myself freely epitomizes my existence. ~ Jai Emm

I have an inherent and insatiable need to do exactly what I want to do at all times. I have too much faith in my intuition to have a distrust for my own vision for myself.
As a black woman and an independent artist, I encounter attempts to silence me almost daily. So much that I’ve found strength in my silence.

I don’t talk to be heard. I express for myself and if you’re choosing not to listen, the message isn’t for you. My upcoming audiovisual album Laissez Faire, with a direct translation meaning, let it be, pays homage to the idea birthed in the French Revolution that people do better for themselves without too much influence and interference.

As a singer, I’ve been asked to change my sound a million times. I’ve been asked to stay in a lane. I’ve been asked to change my image. I’ve been asked to change my spirit. The answer always has and will be no. I know who I am and what I want and I’m getting it my way.

Laissez Faire is an unapologetic expression. An evolution from her debut EP, Aurora Borealis, that focused on the release of emotions and growth, Jai Emm in Laissez Faire is intentional in quieting the external and sometimes internal voices that stifle her creativity and artistic freedom. It represents the journey of finding out what you want in life and the confidence and drive to execute it. Controlling your own destiny is risky but if it’s worth the risk, it’s worth the fall, and if it’s what you want it’s worth it all.

Get to know Jai Emm

Hailing from Queens New York, Jai Emm is an unapologetic artist with a self-defined identity. Her authentic no-nonsense attitude is refreshing in an industry that can at times pressure artists into boxes they don’t want to be in. A product of the 90s, she is heavily influenced by the New Jack Swing sound and the Motown era that inspired the modern-day greats of  Rythm & Blues.
A 90s kid, she was heavily influenced by the New Jack Swing sound and the Motown era that inspired the modern-day greats of R&B.

A fresh voice with a unique vocal watermark that has been in the making since she started writing, recording, and incorporating her own musicianship and outside influences at the age of 15.

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