“Expressing my right to free speech … is one of my fundamental human rights” ~ Lewis Keegan

Being able to express yourself fully means being able to voice your stand on certain things and issues without being restricted by laws, regulations, or by people. Of course, this is not absolute. What you are about to say must be lawful, moral, and must not be damaging to another person’s reputation.

I have also been silenced a couple of times, especially when I express my political stand. Some people who disagree with me or the trolls online react negatively to the things I say. But, I do
not let this event stop me from expressing my right to free speech because it is one of my fundamental human rights, and no other person or no law can be passed abridging the right to free speech.

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Lewis Keegan is the owner-operator of SkillScouter.com an online resource packed with well-researched reviews, comparisons, and guides that help potential students find their learning paths via online learning platforms.

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