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Welcome to my blog. Over the past 20 years, my curiosity and work have led me down many interesting paths and given me the opportunity to meet many amazing people. I have also owned and operated multiple niche publications over the years some of which no longer aligned with my main focus at GTK & GTKME. As such you will find that this blog serves a dual purpose, it is a place for me to share my thoughts and research with others as well as a home for orphan content from past publications. While the orphaned content may no longer have a home it still has value to readers seeking answers and perspective on a myriad of topics so rather than removing it from the internet permanently and denying others access it can be found here.

About Charles (CJ) DeGuara

Ever curious may be the best way to describe my personality, it is a trait of mine you would find hard to overlook so we can start with that. Since 2002 I have been involved in businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, from Food Manufacturing to my current ventures in Media, Marketing, and Greeting Cards I have been blessed with many opportunities to serve others.

Besides my experience in business, media, and marketing, I am a family man, a happy husband, and an extremely proud father. I enjoy traveling, and long walks on the beach (starting to sound a little like a dating profile isn’t it?), Epicurious, I love tasting foods from around the world even the ones that make some people a bit squeamish. My main obsession though is people, I love getting to know them and introducing them to others.

GTK™, GTK Cards & GTKME®

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m obsessed with getting to know people and helping them get to know each other. So obsessed in fact that I have built businesses that serve that exact purpose. At you will find a treasure trove of people we have gotten to know, we write about people and introduce them to our audience, and we also do audio and video interviews from time to time.

GTK Cards on the other hand is born of our own desire to communicate with others in novel ways, small wallet-sized greeting cards with a digital page accessible via QR they are our favorite way to communicate. From saying happy birthday to a big fat thank you we feel they’re better than a paper card and much more personal (and physical) than a text message or email.

GTKME® helps people from all over the world get known, we specialize in helping individuals get the word out about themselves, their products, services, and brands. We are predominantly focused on their own online presence, so their website, social profiles, email lists etc, and advertising on all the major platforms to drive people towards them. We often collaborate with PR agencies whose focus is on helping individuals get better known by gaining them placements on other media like news shows, podcasts, and more.

Sponsoring my content

While I love what I do here and am not specifically focused on acquiring sponsors or endorsing products and services I align with or find interesting to review; I am open to such opportunities. If you are interested in collaborating in any way I am happy to explore the opportunity. Feel free to reach out to me on any of the social platforms or via email: cj (you know the sign that goes before the domain name, the one that looks like a squiggly a)