Birth Injuries – Identifying risk factors and possible malpractice

A birth injury can be detected at birth or even later on when your child fails to meet specific development milestones. Medical malpractice attorneys at Pegalis and Erickson, LLC have identified a number of symptoms to look out for that may indicate a birth injury, both in newborns and older children.

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Once a birth injury has been detected, it is important to contact a birth injury lawyer immediately.

There are many reasons why a birth injury might have occurred. Poor prenatal care, delivery room errors or failure to provide proper newborn care can be a cause of injury or death. A number of medical staff members can be held responsible in such cases.

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There are also specific factors which place added risks on the possibility of a birth injury. These include maternal size, an abnormal position in utero, and premature delivery.

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Birth and obstetrical injuries are avoidable with proper care. Negligence by medical providers can be the cause of stillbirths, cerebral palsy, and children’s Erb’s Palsy or Brachial Plexus injuries. If you, your baby, or a loved one experienced such an injury, you have a right to know what went wrong.

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