11 Reasons to Have a Baby Now

In the scary yet exciting realm of big decisions, embarking on parenthood must have a place quite close to the top. The whole idea of parenthood might seem daunting – but then you picture a little newborn and all worries seem to vaporize. Until you’re brought back to earth that is.

There’s no other way of saying it: parenthood is not easy. It’s messy, emotional, and sometimes downright painful. But it also thrusts you into a world of big love, warm cuddles, and endless kisses – as well as a new appreciation of your role in this world.

Deciding on baby – now that’s difficult! If you’re weighing your options and cannot seem to get to a conclusion, let us help you with the reasons why you should be having a baby. Like, now.

Why you should have a baby now

Here’s our very objective, (almost) no-mush take on why you should be having a baby now:

1. Your body is ready

You’ve been taking folic acid religiously, as well as the prescribed prenatals. You’ve been to your GP for a thorough checkup, discussed any medications you might be taking, vaccinations, as well as your medical history and any chronic conditions which may affect pregnancy. You’ve received the all clear and are good to go!

2. You lead a healthy lifestyle

You exercise regularly, have cut back on the caffeine (sigh), and are following a healthy nutritious diet. You drink plenty of water and stay away from smoking and alcohol.

3. Your age

If you’re young, then this is the best time to be trying for baby – fertility wise. If your biological clock is ticking, there’s even more reason why you should be having a baby, now! Regret at losing your fertile window is quite the damper. If you’ve preserved your fertility, your biological clock is still ticking – the success of fertility treatments declines with age.

4. Your finances are in order

With a new baby come new expenses; it’s wise to be prepared beforehand. You’ve budgeted, analyzed how your income will change with a parent missing out on work, and went over expected expenses. You’ve purchased life insurance and financial security is one less worry.

5. You have support

No wo/man is an island. You’ve discussed your support system, be it help from family, friends or a nanny. You’ve found great childcare options and have a good support network in place.

6. Your home is set

You have ample space for another addition, and – more importantly – it’s all baby safe. You’re happy with the neighborhood where your child will grow, the services on offer, the community.

7. Eager for pregnancy and – maybe – childbirth

You can’t wait to have a little being growing inside of you, to have a glimpse at the tiny bean, to feel the kicks, to experience the pregnancy glow. You might be slightly scared about the childbirth part, but can’t wait to hold your very own newborn.

8. You want a child

You want a little you running around, you want to experience life through the eyes of a child, be there as they grow, the first smile, the first steps, the first words. You wonder how they’d look like, what they’d be when they grow up, you want to be there at every minute.

9. You feel ready

You are ready – you feel it, even if you sometimes doubt it. The responsibility – you’re ready to take that on. You might not feel like an adult yet, but you know that you’d be that adult who cares, who will be there for their child.

10. You want the mushy part

The cuddles, the snuggles, the kisses. That newborn smell, those twinkling eyes, the tiny mouth, little toes and little fingers, adorable clothes, wobbly steps, big hugs and warm embraces, weekend lie-ins, park strolls, and funny games. You dream of it, you want all of that.

11. But, you still doubt yourself

Are you really ready? The probability is that you will never truly be. You can never be really prepared for parenthood and all that it brings with it. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth pursuing. Parenthood cannot be compared to anything else, there is no set manual on how to parent. It’s an adventure, an experience, a journey. A journey of unexplainable love, and yes, a whole lot of cuddles, snuggles, and kisses.

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