10 Good Reasons to Be An Egg Donor

Are you thinking of becoming an Egg Donor?

Is it empathy that’s driving you towards egg donation, or purely financial considerations? Regardless of your main motivation, it helps to analyze both the benefits and disadvantages in your decision-making process. Here we’ll go over ten good reasons for becoming an egg donor, some of which you might not have necessarily thought of before.

  1. Your very own personalized biology class

The process of egg donation is such that you will learn a whole lot about your body, your menstrual cycle as well as the ins and outs of human reproduction in general. It’s a perfect opportunity for becoming more in sync with your body.

  1. You’ll undergo thorough medical tests

As a donor, you will undergo intense screening and testing procedures. Medical professionals will be going through your health history as well as that of your family. Infectious diseases testing and genetic testing will be carried out, providing you with an opportunity to obtain precise insight on your body and overall health.

  1. You’ll receive a fertility evaluation

Have you ever wondered what your fertility is up to? Being an egg donor means that you will receive a fertility evaluation. This will also include hormone testing and an ultrasound evaluation of your ovaries. The hormones that stimulate the egg follicles in the ovaries, together with the process of their maturation and release will be studied. As an egg donor, you’ll receive a heads up on your fertility, helping you plan out your reproductive future if kids are a part of your future plans.

  1. Fall in love with your body and its power

Reasons one to three will give you added motivation for appreciating the power of your body and its ability to create another human being. The egg donor process is a celebration of your body’s strength and wonder.

  1. Understand and empathize

As an egg donor, you will be able to empathize more with the struggles others are experiencing, be it in their pregnancy journeys or otherwise. Undergoing such a procedure gives you a thorough understanding of the winding paths to parenthood and an ability to really be there for individuals in their own unique journeys.

  1. You’re facilitating inclusivity

If you’re donating to a gay couple, you are doing your bit to foster inclusivity and understanding vis a vis the LGBTQ community. Your donation is helping a gay couple realise their dream of parenthood and achieve the right to have a family of their own.

  1. Saving eggs from going to waste

We are all born with a set number of follicles so really, if you have no pregnancy plans for the present, you will be utilising what would have otherwise gone to ‘waste’. Not only so, but you’re also making an individual or a couple very happy.

  1. Much less emotionally and physically intense than surrogacy

If it has been your dream to assist a couple or individual achieve what their heart desires in having a family of their own, but find surrogacy a bit daunting, egg donation might be a good option for you.

  1. Egg donation pays

But financial considerations should not be your only motivation. Reaching a degree of financial independence because of egg donation might serve as a reason, but if you’re embarking on this process with this as your sole reason, egg donation might not necessarily be for you. The egg donation process requires considerable energy: a successful and fulfilling experience thus requires serious commitment. Nonetheless,  together with your other motivations, the financial aspect to egg donation means that it will bring about opportunities that you may have otherwise missed out on.

  1. Your egg donation will make dreams come true

Your generosity is imperative in helping people achieve their dreams of having a family. Your egg donation will make a profound difference in someone else’s life. Not only so, but a little human is being brought up in a loving family because of you. Through your egg donation, you are giving what your recipient really wants. A new mom, a new dad or a new older sibling will be forever grateful. This, on its own, is enough to empower you in your decision and egg donation process.

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